Illustrator. Paris. 

Parisian artists have a long and storied tradition of toiling away in cozy attics and tiny ateliers. So it was somewhat fitting to find Caroline Drogo working in her compact and sun-filled studio just a short stroll away from the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in the 11th arrondissement. Books, paints and kittens (ok, just one very photogenic kitten) were strewn purposely around and canvases piled thick along the wall. Some finished, some just about to be completed, and some just on the verge of being started. Dividing her days between graphic design, illustration, and painting, Caroline's work possesses the expressiveness of Kahlo, with the lush, leafy greens of a young Rousseau. I found Caroline working through the heat on one sultry Parisian summer afternoon...

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You can see Caroline's work at  Salle Olympe de Gouges from Oct 27th.