If you have ever been to a carnival in the middle of a heat wave-y afternoon, you might know this feeling. The one of absolute delirium, blended with overwhelming exhaustion. When it all just gets to be too much. You have had way too much cotton candy, but you are having way too much fun to quit. And then you push it that extra little bit, and while in line for the Gravitron, you realize that this might be a bad idea. But you persevere anyways... Artist Diana Lynn Vandermeulen makes what can only be described as the most beautiful psychedelic carnival ephemera you have ever seen. You could even say her work embodies that crazy, care-free no-fucks-given feeling of a heat-stroked afternoon at the county fair. Her installations glow and vibrate with energy, her collages loop and sway intergalactically, and her murals (like the one she is currently painting on the inside of her studio) are a trip down the rabbit hole. Diana has been busily extending her tentacles wide from the Junction Triangle studio she has been creating out of for the past year or two. Her growing list of collaborations include diverse artists and clients, from clothing designer Hayley Elsaesser to painter Stephen Appleby-Barr. I visited Diana's inner sanctum, a multi-level former industrial space, where we listened to the moog styings of Mort Garson, and played with giant pieces of popcorn...

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