Painter. Toronto/New York.

In Chinese mythology the peach is a symbol of  fertility,  joy and femininity. In Japanese mythology the peach is lucky. Taking into consideration time period and context, it's somewhat amusing to see these symbolic references floating in and out of the dreamscapes of Painter Dominique Fung's work. I suppose you could say she has a somewhat intimate relationship with these myths and stories. Having grown up in a Chinese-Canadian household (Dom is first generation Canadian) it seems some kind of alchemical formula that brings the disparate elements of Chinese mythology and classical renaissance painting together in Dominique's work. And yet the way they coexist within her images couldn't be any more organic. Like all the great combinations in life... ie. peanut butter and chocolate, salt and caramel....on paper it should not work, but it does. And the results are unexpectedly delicious. Scattered around Dominique's West west end Toronto studio which she has been working in for the past 4 years there are little bits of ephemera that can be attributed to this relationship to her roots. Mostly viewed with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour on Dominique's part, the laughing Buddhas, tiny porcelain pandas and tiny bits of origami offset her sparse studio elegantly. This summer Dominique will be relocating her practice to Williamsburg, but  I was fortunate enough (perhaps the peaches helped with that) to visit Dominique's studio while she was preparing for a group installation with 14th Factory in New York later this year...

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Dominique's duo exhibition opens July 28th at Project Gallery in Toronto.

And if you have the funds, bid on Dominique's work in the annual Art With Heart Casey House auction on October 18th.