Artist. Toronto.

The Bloordale studio where Jacob Whibley carefully assembles his work is vast and stark. No windows, therefore no natural light. And honestly, it doesn't much matter to the finished product anyhow. Its almost fitting that the Neo-Contructivist collages Jacob assembles with deft and painstaking care should be created in such an austere environment.  Whats compelling about Jacob's work is the texture and composition, and frankly, those things are easily seen, even by candlelight. Piles of delicate strips, triangles, squares and ripples of paper are spread over the main work table next to an enamel medical tray caked with glue. Old issues of OMNI and Mousse magazine are piled high along the walls, and antique books sit cover-less, their fronts having been confiscated for a new life as part of a Jacob Whibley collage. The ever gracious Jacob gave us a peek around his spartan inner sanctum...

Find Jacob on Instagram @vabrik

or his website here.

Jacob is represented by Bourouina Gallery in Berlin.