Illustrator. Toronto

When I was a young girl of maybe 8 years old, i clearly remember becoming deeply fixated on Jim Henson. Perhaps not the Muppets so much (although they were pretty great) as the goblins and creatures of Labyrinth, and I know I am not the only one swimming in this nostalgic soup. I have a feeling illustrator Jamiyla Lowe has been simmering in that very same stew as well. And while the furry creatures, human-ish monsters, and two-tailed dog mutants that populate her drawings continue to evolve into more colourful, more inventive versions of themselves, there is clearly a bit of a Henson homage happening within Jamiyla's work these days. She also deals with themes of race and colonialism in ways that are both darkly funny and tender, as well as timely. More recently though Jamiyla finished up a mentorship with LA-based artist Frohawk Two Feathers, created and distributed her own hand-printed, limited edition board game called Beware of the Beast (if you are lucky enough to have a way to get your hands on this, i highly recommend you do) , and is currently appearing in a group show at Likely General. I visited Jamiyla's cozy studio on Dundas West as she was putting the finishing touches on work for that very show...

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