If you have seen the work of Illustrator Juliana Neufeld before, you will recognize  her creeping characters and swirling landscapes immediately. Theres an organic, fluid quality to Juliana's illustrations and ceramics that is undeniably her signature, and it's quite hard to mistake. I can recall seeing Where the Wild Things Are for the first time when I was maybe 6 years old, and the indelible impression the images in those pages effortlessly left on my tiny, developing brain. Incredibly, Juliana seems to possess the same rare gift. To weave a lovely narrative, and craft images that create an unmistakable impression on the mind. The West end studio space in which she spends 9 or so hours a day crafting these visions is just as magnetic as the work itself. Cozy, purposeful, earnest and warm are some words that come to mind. Stacked with books, plants, thrift-shop paintings and ephemera. A diverse cornucopia of cute, weird and unusual collections, including Juliana's most recent ceramic work, some of which featured in a beautiful Nuit Blanche installation last October at Artscape Youngplace. In between her day job of illustrating a long-running series of Young Adult novels and developing a new collection of her own work, Juliana took some time one afternoon to show us around...

Find Juliana and her magical work here.

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You can also see Juliana at Zine Dream 9 this August 20th where she will be with her amazing limited edition books and prints.