To say Keita Morimoto's paintings are light-filled would be a gross understatement. More accurately they are light-infused. They don't reflect light as much as they contain light. They are like renaissance light boxes, lit from within. Radiant, glowing, blinding light spilling out from the faces of the ethereal characters that populate them.  Keita is also a bit of a time traveler. He was born in Osaka circa 1990, but to look at his work you could imagine him being born in Florence circa 1680. And you wouldn't be wrong if you put any stock in the reincarnation theory. He's clearly drawing from a very storied pool of mastery. Nestled away in the most Western west end of Toronto, Keita's studio is a cozy industrial space with only one function and one objective: Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Just recovering his studio routine from his first large-scale solo show at Nicholas Metivier Gallery this past winter, Keita's studio is enjoying a much needed deep breath and 'palette cleansing' so-to-speak after many months of grueling work. Here's a peek at Keita's inner sanctum...

Keita's partner, painter-in-arms, and often muse, Megan Ellen Macdonald.

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