Painter. Toronto.

When Kris Knight was in high school, his evenings and weekends were spent working in his family's bakery. He recalls spending hours tirelessly whipping icing sugar into hues of pinks, blues and greens to make bowls of pale, white-washed frosting. Now as an artist well into his adulthood and his career as a painter, it's easy to see how this early experience informed Kris' method of working. His paintings almost always look as though they were captured directly from a pastel-tinted lucid dream. His images are arresting and peaceful. A quiet vignette that you don't want to disturb. For the past 9 years Kris has been working out of his light-filled downtown studio without an easel...or even a desk, for that matter. I feel that this is important to note only in that it speaks to the level of intimacy Kris has with his work. In most cases he paints directly from his lap, as though in a relaxed conversation with his subject. Perhaps it's this intimacy and closeness which has lead to collaborations such as the one most recently with Gucci, wherein Kris designed florals for their 2015 cruise collection. I took a peek inside Kris's studio as he was preparing for his  show at Alain Gutharc in Paris which just opened last week...

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