Illustrator. Toronto.

Illustrator Melinda Josie is a warm dose of sunshine. And I don't toss that metaphor around lightly. She is quite simply a a deep, warm cup of cocoa that your grandmother lovingly made with her delicately gnarled hands. That's how comforting it is to be welcomed into the inner sanctum of her womb-y studio. It's quite fitting then that the space in which she toils away at her delicate and intricate illustrations is just as welcoming. Turning over little images weekly for publications like the New York Times keeps Melinda hunkered down in a deep studio practice daily. In all likelyhood you have seen Melinda's work by accident or on purpose in print publications such as Time Magazine (yes, THE Time), New York Times Magazine, Real Simple, Lucky Peach or The Walrus, to name a few. Melinda and I got together for some Japanese cakes one late winter morning...

Melinda's studio is located on the second floor of a beautiful old house steps away from High Park in the west end of Toronto. In addition to many mid-century modern treasures (Including a masterpiece of a dinning room table made by her father who happens to be an incredible woodworker) Melinda also has a curious but sparse collection of knick knacks, all of which are lovingly chosen and displayed to reflect her travels, loves and life outside of her daily work. The Leica Camera (above, right) was a gift from photographer Anne Zbitnew. The 'Drug Rug' dress (above, center) Is Melinda's favourite work attire, it's as soft as puppies ears, and is made by Toronto designers Horses Atelier.

Illustrations from Melinda's most recent archives, The New York Times, 2016 

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