It's a rare gift to be able to so seamlessly meld devastating beauty and disturbing grotesque-ity with any level of success. Typically one or the other works, but both simultaneously? Not likely. It's a tricky balance which Illustrator Winnie Truong has been cultivating for the entirety of her career. And with consistent success, I have to say. Using layers upon layers of braided, twisted and feathered, mounds of cascading hair, Winnie creates a swirling world around the fleshy forms of the ladies that inhabit her drawings. In the past she has experimented with other means of carrying out her hairy visions, even once incorporating the use of 3-D glasses in her invisible/Visible show with mind-melting results. Lately she has been extending her delicate lines to include paper cut-outs, stirring in me a desperate wish that perhaps someone would just publish a Winnie Truong pop-up book I can buy for all the children in my life. Many of those cut-out guys managed to creep their way into her last solo show at ESP gallery in Toronto, where Winnie has been represented for the past 6 years. For about 5 of those years she has been cozied up in the storied and historic studio space on Richmond St. which she shares with painter Kris Knight. I stopped by for some tea with Winnie before she packed up and began her long European working tour this summer...

Lean Back, 2016. Pencil crayon on paper. Much Rather Stay and Gather, 2016. Pencil crayon on paper. Both from Paper Cuts show at ESP gallery.

Find more of Winnie's work here.

And at Erin Stump Projects in Toronto.

Also follow her on instagram @winnietron

And if you find yourself in Oakland CA in August, you can check out her work here.